Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Midweek Portrait Gallery

A young boy proudly presenting his self-made toy...probably the only toy he possesses .
Very creative and made out of, to us, worthless materials. Image was taken near Poshina in Gujarat/India.


  1. Great joy and friendliness captured in this portrait. Are those toothbrushes in his hand?

  2. Thank you Faye! The boy is holding 2 pencils-he was on his way to school.School uniform was left in a bundle under a bush....If at all many of the kids in the countryside only have one set of clothing.

  3. The children amazed me in India...always with so many smiles. This is the perfect capture!

  4. Yes,they have so little and still seem to be so much happier than lots of children in the West.Maybe because it needs a" whole village to raise a child" and that is what still works in India.Leaves me always very humbled.
    Where in India did tou travel?