Wednesday, February 27, 2013

52 Photos Project

When I went to visit the Prag Mahal Palace in Bhuj in Gujarat / India I knew that I would be able to see damage from the earthquake in 2001. Since then the palace has been burgled and the community does not have the money to pay for its upkeep.Today, this once splendid building is in a ghostly state...and very vintage.

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The palace was built in the 19th-century and was made out of sandstone and marble from Italy.

The chandeliers are broken and pigeons have free access.

Taxidermy in a poor state.

Memorabilia from another era...birds left their marks.


  1. very vintage - sad, but beautiful!

  2. Great shots. So sad to know that it's due to the earthquake, though.

  3. That is so sad that it's all just deteriorating, even the photograph isn't saved. Your pictures are a wonderful documentary of the process.

  4. Oh.. wow! These are gorgeous!!
    Thank you so much for sharing.