Monday, March 4, 2013

Macro Monday - Sunday Lunch

A small silver bowl for salt.I do admit that it needs some cleaning.

If you want to see more amazing Macro images click here and enjoy:

Same as above, filled and almost clean.

Friends are coming for lunch and I have put flowers on the table.

Finding someone to polish the silver. Husband?

Boeuf Bourguignon with a lot of red wine, always a favorite.

Fresh herbs for the Boeuf.

The chandelier doubles as my wine glass to pick a favorite glass.


  1. I love the wine glass rack... that is so cool.


  2. That salt bowl is beautiful.

    Happy Macro Monday

  3. Fantastic shots ! no cleaning needed it makes it look like an antique :) !

  4. Thanks for your kind comments! It is an old salt bowl-but even thorough cleaning did not relly help anymore...a faded beauty!

  5. I love that the salt-bowl looks the way it does! So wabi-sabi! Very cool captures!

  6. I love the little salt bowl - these little household antiques intrigue and fascinate me - but I ADORE your wine glass chandelier! Is it made to be a wine glass rack, or is that your own creative idea? Love it.

    And the boeuf bourguignon looks wonderful!

  7. The chandelier is a Swedish design and made to hang glasses.I collected mine while travelling and I am always changing them...never boring!