Tuesday, April 23, 2013

World on Tuesday

A walk, or better a serious hike, in the mountains is always good to clear the head and to get new ideas. Unfortunately I was wearing new boots ( pure vanity ) and ended the day in pain and with some horrible blisters.

Dramatic sky and a beautiful view .... but all I wanted was an "auberge" with wine and cheese! Please!

This looks promising...

Even the interior suits the landscape. These kind of bells are very expensive and are usually worn by the cows in the summer when they are allowed to roam about more freely. Unfortunately tourists think that the bells make nice souvenirs and steal them .
The cheese and wine were delicious...


  1. Wow - what beautiful scenery. So gorgeous!

    Sorry to hear about your blisters.

  2. Lovely photos of a beautiful landscape!

  3. Well we keep learning lessons as we travel this life don't we! I've done the same thing...but finally I've learned. I now only walk my neighborhood with new shoes before I venture out for long walks. Hope your blisters are on the mend! These captures are stunning! So glad you found your auberge. I have some wonderful memories of the wine and cheese during the day in Jungfraujoch. Thanks for stirring these memories! P.S., you'd be proud. I bought my cow bell! Ha Ha!

  4. I have learned my lesson ...never again new shoes on long walks or hikes! Habe a good week!