Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Midweek Portrait Gallery " Shekhawati "

The Shekhawati region in Rajasthan is a very unique place. Famous especially for the beautifully painted houses or havelis. The decorations are not only inside the houses or courtyards but also on the outside where they are more exposed to the elements or are simply damaged by vandalism.
Very often the themes are religious but in the painting above (my guess) it is just a couple fooling around with water filled syringes.

This one is in a very poor condition ... but the owner of this haveli was very proud of the modern achievements in the 1920`s and had the car painted on the wall.

This one was painted on the outside of the hotel/haveli in which we were staying.

Hunters and a train, a cyclist etc. A whole story unfolds on this piece of chipped wall.

A typical old and stunningly decorated door which opens into a courtyard. Unfortunately I have seen parts of this doors being transformed into fancy tables and being sold for an enormous amount of money in the big cities of the Western world.


  1. A beautiful series of paintings. I love that the people beautify their surroundings with paintings everywhere.

  2. This morning I saw a photo of my female colleagues from India, all of them wearing a colourful sari. No idea if this was their everyday or just a kind of Sunday dress, but all the ladies looked very impressive.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful impreesions from India.
    Enjoy your (wet?) day!

  3. Hi Uwe, viele Frauen in Indien tragen Sari im Alltag.Sogar zur Feldarbeit oder auf Baustellen (!) . Ein Kleidungsstueck welches seit Jahrzehnten fast unveraendert geblieben ist.In den grossen Staedten und bei juengeren Leuten aendert es sich mittlerweile und Jeans sind mehr an der Tagesordnung.
    Gruss (es ist noch immer kalt! )

  4. Super, mein Lieblingsbild ist der mit den Jägern und dem Zug. Die Farben sind alle wunderschön. Ich freue mich immer auf Deine Midweek portraits!