Friday, May 3, 2013


What a place! I fell in love with Mumbai, despite the almost unbearable heat ( the thermometer hit 42C), the noise ( 22 million inhabitants) all the different languages ( 12 languages are spoken here)-
and that we stayed in a hotel with a view over the Arabic Sea (located directly at the Marine Drive).
Perfect place to watch the sunset and to observe people doing power walks or yoga or just siting and chatting on the wall in the early morning.

Lots of people come here to watch the sun set and to enjoy the evening breeze .

The view from our hotel!


  1. Ahhh, lovin that first shot in particular. I feel as if I'm witnessing such a private moment of his life.

  2. Sieht schon mal vielversprechend aus - ich freue mich auf hoffentlich sehr viele weitere Fotos!

  3. So looking forward to more photos from Mumbai!