Saturday, May 25, 2013

Water 2

A Nandi ( in Hinduism the Nandi Bull is the vehicle of all gods) overlooking the same beach as in Water1.

Heated by the sun the rocks are perfect for drying clothes, plying in the tide pools is fun for the children.Unfortunately these rocks are being used as an outdoor toilet by the people living in the huts nearby.Mumbai has about 4 million people who live in slums without access to toilets.Women mostly try to find a quiet place between 2a.m. to 4a.m. to avoid harassment!

Washing and playing - happy moments.

These people living here are already lucky - they don`t live on the sidewalks.


  1. Amaaaaazing captures! I so enjoy seeing these.

  2. Ich weiß, ich wiederhole mich, aber: wunderwunderschön!

  3. You have captured a scene that is seldom seen. WE cannot imagine how difficult it must be to live without access to clean water and toilet facilities.