Sunday, May 12, 2013

Worli a Fishing Village in Mumbai

Visiting Worli Fishing Village is like going back in time. Located on one of the seven islands, which originally made Mumbai, it is still the home of the kolis, tribal fishermen. For 600 years they still follow their tradition of fishing in the Arabic Sea, and live in a close knit community.
The colorful boats with the cane baskets and the contrasting Sealink bridge ( opened in 2009) tells a lot about the new and old Mumbai.

Catch of the day.

I hope many more generations will follow the tradition and will go out fishing, and that Worli will not be buried under concrete and skyscrapers.

Colourful houses and mobile market stalls.

Where there is fish birds are not far.

Cheerful ladies selling dried fish.

Village lanes.

Curious children who love to have their picture taken.


  1. Oh my...the colors, the character...these are a visual treat.

  2. Oh how i love the capture with the flip flops at the door! Beautiful photos!

  3. Schön, und mal wieder inspirierende Farben. Die Ladies sehen so aus, als hätten sie viel Spass ...