Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Antibes / France 3 Our World Tuesday

Port Vauban is the name of the old port in Antibes.Crusaders left from here to go to the Holy Lands.Here professional fisherman moor their boats not far from the gate into the old town.

Across from here a row of the biggest yachts I have ever seen...some of them privately owned!

I have to admit that the shabby chic of the old fishing boats are more appealing to me.

Our World Tuesday Graphic


  1. I share your feelings, but i am awed mostly by the castle on top of the hill. I haven't seen a castle yet and they always have a certain mystifying feeling for me!

  2. Da bekommt man richtig Lust, sich noch mal ins Auto zu setzen und an eine der französischen Küsten zu fahren...
    ...aber stattdessen sitze ich brav am Schreibtisch und bereite mich auf den nächsten Kundenbesuch vor...
    ...aber der nächste Kurzurlaub zum Tor der Welt im Norden Deutschlands ist nicht mehr lange hin!
    Liebe Grüße, Uwe.

  3. the older boats have far more character.

  4. Great color and texture of the wood in your first shot!

  5. Lovely shots which make me want to see more of this beautiful place!

  6. This makes me so home sick for my most favorite country in the world! I too would take the old fishing boats...after one ride on one of those yachts, ha ha! Thanks for sharing your world!