Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Midweek Portrait Gallery

Another way to carry your groceries home...I have been to India many times but it never ceases to amaze me or appalls me. The role of women, especially in the countryside, is that of an obedient daughter, mother, worker mostly without rights. Money for education will be spend on the boys in a family. Women never learned to stand up for themselves - they have no voice.
Looking at the haggard face of the woman above I wonder what her history is...


  1. Wonderful capture especially with the background. During my trip a few years ago, I too was appalled to see the men sitting around watching the women do all the work. I would last one second living in that country. I so agree with sad to see they have no voice.

  2. Wonderful shot...we are lucky to have the advantages and rights that we have here in the USA...

  3. Ich habe in Sri Lanka gelernt, dass die Frauen kochen, und zuerst bekamen wir, die zahlenden Gäste, etwas zu essen. Dann der Mann, wenn noch etwas da war, die Kinder, dann der Hund - und wenn immer noch etwas da war, die Frau! Und wir beklagen uns, wie hart und stressig unser Leben manchmal ist ... tolles Foto und danke für den Reminder!