Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Midweek Portrait Gallery

Wherever we are in India we always attract a lot of attention,especially with children who are much more curious and daring .And we mostly stick out…being blonde ,white and and blue eyed.

The word spreads quickly…most of the time it only takes minutes until we are being followed by a group of children.

Happy faces.

A beautiful smile ( I know it is blurred…nevertheless)


  1. The last photo - blurred or not - is my favourite!
    Obviously you seem to collect many memorable moments in India, Karen!

  2. These are so so precious! I too LOVE the last one. I found the children in India so adorable!

  3. i love, love these photos!

  4. Wunderschön, vorallem das zweite Foto ... und das leicht unscharfe letzte ist perfekt - es sieht aus wie ein handkoloriertes Foto aus dem letzten Jahrhundert!