Wednesday, January 22, 2014

52 Photos Project

It took me quite some time to find "my reflection". I don`t like to be photographed but here I just could not get out of the way! The picture shows  two of the things I really like…taking pictures and going to exhibitions. This is from last summer during a visit to the Chateau d`Oiron in France.


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  1. I like this so much—great reflection and there's lots more going on here too!

  2. very creative i have to say. even with only the reflection, the owner blog exudes warmth. :)

  3. Wow, c'est bien magique avec ces couleurs! It's absolutely wonderful! I hope you link it to Weekend Reflections on Friday.

    1. "Paris in rain or sunshine.....always great! When have you been there?"

      @ I have been to Paris many times but I took that picture during my last trip in March 2013.

  4. Hey, Karen, that's why we normally / always stand behind the camera. We love to take images, but we don't like others to shoot us...
    ...the few I can snatch from you profil in the mirrow: nothing to worry about... ;-))

    Grüßle, Uwe.

  5. Thats a clever image - just enough to be clear, but not too clear!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  6. Very impressive picture, and great self portrait... Those colors are so unreal... Well done.

  7. Very cool reflection, beautifully done.

  8. Superbe! Comme une bulle dans une bulle, avec le fantôme de la photographe ! Très poétique!