Sunday, March 2, 2014

Song-ography, "Nothing More" ( Alternate Routes)

"…We are how we treat each other when the day is done…"

Some simple acts of kindness might change somebody's life or, in a more humble way, a friendly word or a smile can make someone happy.

"…Heroes don`t look like they used to,
they look like you do."

I don`t know what heroes look like, but for me heroes are the women in the
developing world whose life is a daily struggle and who live their life
with great dignity.

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  1. Wow Karen! There is such JOY in these faces! They obviously know the secret to happiness. Thank you for linking up to Song-ography!

  2. oh such amazing two women you have met in your journey ... their love really shines thru their smiles!

  3. Fabulous! I so agree...the women we see in our travels are so inspiring!

  4. I second the preceding comments - amazing, well done and fabulous. Excellent choices all around.

  5. I pray for these women often as they need the support and strength of others to help them achieve their own personal potential, which is often denied them in their culture. Bless them that they can find joy ... Beautiful post!

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. Karen, this was so well put. They really are the heroes amongst us.

  7. Reminds me of something I read yesterday which spoke of affluence not being a blessing but often a burden. We can be grateful for what we have, of course, but I know that I have real joy in those with nothing. I have also seen great suffering in those with nothing, and yet that dignity you speak of is very present.

  8. Their smiles make you want to smile back - such joy!!