Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our World Tuesday

The Roman Baths in Bath

Of course we were not the only tourists ! The only hot springs in the UK and the best remaining Roman spa north of the Alps. A great experience  to walk where 2000 years before the Romans took their baths.

The goddess Minerva! An incredible face with an extraordinary hairstyle.


  1. Oh, wie wundervoll!! Ich beneide dich um diesen schönen Aufenthalt, habe ich doch selbst Bath in allerbester Erinnerung. Danke dir für die herrlich, atmosphärischen Bilder und viel, viel Freude noch auf deiner Reise.

    alles Liebe,

  2. Such beautiful shots!

  3. This is what I so adore about travel! Amazing to think you can walk the same steps of others from hundreds and thousands of years ago! Thanks for sharing your travels!

  4. The statue of Minerva is a beauty.

  5. Hey, you didn't tell me you were coming to my neck of the woods!
    Hope you had fun, there is always something interesting going on in Bath.
    Wren x

  6. ....ja die "Alten Römer", die haben es sich schon gut gehen lassen :-)) !
    Schöne Ablichtungen !
    Gute Zeit wünscht,

  7. Bath is a lovely city. So glad you liked this part of the UK. Hope you visted us up North?

  8. So schön. Bath hat es gerade auf meine Top 10-Reise-Wunschliste geschafft - da will ich hin!

  9. I marvel at these structures that stand strong and beautiful so many centuries later... how wonderful to visit. I imagine the Romans bathing here... a bit odd but hard not to ;)