Wednesday, August 20, 2014

52 Photos Project ( Somewhere you visited)

It was not love at first sight, but after returning to India for so many times now I can say that it is my favourite country (with many favourite places). Every time I am overwhelmed by the friendliness and hospitality of the people. My respect for the women in that huge country, who work so hard for things we take for granted, is boundless. 
It is true what people say : "You either love India or you don't, there is no compromising". For me it is love.

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  1. Das erste Foto ist superb, Karen!
    Das hätte ich auch gerne geschossen!
    Gruß von der heimischen Wohnzimmercouch (wieder zurück ;-)

  2. Beautiful photos...I too love India...

  3. Du hast es wirklich drauf, tolle Motive zu sehen!
    Wieder mal total klasse Aufnahmen!

    P. S.: Heute hab' ich wieder im Pavillon gegessen ;-)

  4. It is a dream of mine to visit India one day (and after many years finally convinced my husband to want to go too!)... When the time comes, I'll be sure to ask you for tips. I imagine adaptation may not be easy the first time (especially wrt climate and food). So many of us from the West are still so naive about the Indian culture and environment.

  5. I have never been! Love seeing India through your lens. Thank you for adding to {somewhere i visited}.