Monday, August 4, 2014

Macro Monday and MakroMontag

These enviably long eyelashes belong to the 65 m long and 16m high Chauk Htat Gyi Buddha statue in Yangon / Myanmar. The little brown dot is actually a little bird which had a look around before taking off again.

Many people and pilgrims from neighbouring countries come here to pay their respect.

Steffi's MakroMontag Steffi.


  1. I'm a little surprised to see a female Buddha ... I think that is a first for me. Great Macro Shot, Karen. You certainly are a traveler and I love what you are doing for the children in India. I wish we could meet while I am in Switzerland. I know I am tied to a very tight itinerary, but if you have any interest in trying, perhaps you could e-mail me your cell number and I could contact you while we are is Zurich. No obligation, just a thought :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Must be absolutely incredible to see this in person...and I am getting the sense of grandeur from your shots alone!

  3. Das ist mal ein Auge... Hier bedeutet Makro wirklich ganz groß! :)

  4. How marvelous! I've been studying the second shot to see where you climbed to capture the eye so closely... nonetheless a great capture Karen!

  5. Wahnsinn! Myanmar steht auch noch auf meiner never ending Reiseliste.
    Liebe Grüße von Steffi

  6. Beeindruckend, die Statue sieht ziemlich neu aus und dürfte um einiges größer sein als die anderen großen Figuren (wie die in Sri Lanka); schöne Fotos.

  7. Deine Perspektiven!? Wunderbar! Ich muss mindestens zweimal hingucken.
    Ob ich alles gesehen habe???

    Lieben Gruß


  8. You are bringing back nice memories! :)