Tuesday, November 11, 2014

World on Tuesday

A huge continent and off the coast an island.
The island is actually the fourth - largest island in the world and even more interesting is that 90% of its wildlife is nowhere else to be found on Earth.
Probably known by many for the animated movie called 
" Madagascar".
That is were I will be going...this Thursday.

Distance Geneva - Antananarivo 8.302,59km

Our World Tuesday
Our World Tuesday Graphic   


  1. Oh, lucky lucky you! Enjoy.

  2. How strange. I was looking at a trip to Madagascar only yesterday. Look forward to your posts from there. Have a great trip.

  3. Enjoy your adventure trip in Madagascar. I’m interested in its unique fauna and flora.

    Thanks for your visit and a comment on my latest post. I haven’t experienced rock climbing and I’ll never do.


  4. Ein tolles Bild und ein tolles Ziel!

    Hab' eine gute Zeit und komm' heil wieder ...

    Liebe Grüße ... Frauke

  5. Without any doubt ... that's the world !

  6. OH oh oh!!! Fantastic! I can't wait for you to share with us! Now make sure you take plenty of photos of the 90%!! Enjoy and safe travels! xo

  7. Save and pleasant trip, Karen.
    And take many interesting photos for us who have to stay in Europe...
    ...next week I'm going to travel to Slowakia...;-)

  8. EXCITED for you!! Have a wonderful visit to Madagascar!

  9. I find those facts fascinating! Have a wonderful time Karen + Safe travels! Looking forward to your captures :)