Monday, June 1, 2015

"Stylish" by City Daily Photo and a little about life in a village in Kenya.

How do you define stylish? 
Elegantly fashionable or having your very own style?
Tradition or fresh from the catwalk?

Looking through my pictures from our latest trip to Kenya I found these young women very stylish.

The vibrant colours, the delicate beadwork and the grace of the young women is beautiful.
The girl above had a lot of fun playing with one of our phones. She is 16 and would like to become a doctor, sadly she has to leave school in the near future and will be married off. Maybe her daughter will be free to go to university.

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  1. Very vibrant in their clothing... beautiful colours!

  2. Riot of color in their dresses. Must be on the occasion of some festival!

  3. Das ist in der Tat eine gute Frage.
    Die Mädchen sehen toll aus, so voller Leben und Freude.
    Aber es gibt so vieles, was sie im Gegensatz zu so vielen anderen jungen Frauen auf fast der ganzen Welt nicht haben können: die Freiheit, ein selbstbestimmtes Leben zu führen.
    Was könnte dieses junge Mädchen in ihrem Land bewegen!

    Sonnige & Liebe Grüße von meinem neuen Spielzeug ... Frauke

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. But I don't believe this is a City Daily Photo blog and therefore shouldn't be linked to the CDP monthly Theme Day...

  5. So very stylish...I love seeing fashion throughout the world! Beautiful captures!

  6. my heart aches for these girls. They are just gorgeous...and the vibrant clothes...(BIG RED PUFFY HEART)

  7. A more than "stylish" contribution to CDP Theme Day , even if one person seems to be a bit narrow minded concerning this. Is CDP Theme Day a secret mafia club ? Only members admitted ! Lol

  8. Definitely they are "stylish" girls. They wear those bright colors so well! I guess we can't judge them with our "eyes" as their culture is different. But hopefully the future generations will have more opportunity.

  9. Sehr, sehr schön - und was für Farben!

  10. Fantastische Fotos und gleichzeitig auch Portraits. Wundervoll !
    Viele Grüße, Synnöve

  11. Wow, I love the beadwork and the colours of their fabrics.

  12. Agreed and the hours of work that must go into making these clothes, what fabulous photos. The colours are so rich.
    Wren x