Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Murals

Mural in Madurai /India

As autumn is approaching fast and the days are getting shorter. I had time to go through my archives and came upon murals which I photographed while travelling in India.
This one describes one of the glorious battles in ancient times. I like the naive way it has been painted.


  1. Very beautiful drawing with so delicate colours. The drawings are a bit similar to the ancient Egyptian paintings. There also the figures were drawed with the head from a profile view and the body from a frontal view.
    Have a fine new week, Hilde

  2. Doch, kann man lassen.

    Ich wäre froh, ich könnte solch ein Bild mittels Pinsel und Farbe aus dem Ärmel direkt an die Hauswand schütteln...

    Gruß und schöne sonnige Herbstwoche,

  3. That is stunning. The detail isawesome and the colours are dazzling. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Such beautiful colors and subject matter.

  5. I like it! There must be a story behind it.

  6. What a time that must have been..
    Your travels are remarkable, Karen!