Tuesday, March 8, 2016

World on Tuesday

International Women`s Day

Wouldn`t it be nice if there would be No day especially for women? It would mean that women and men are equal.  That women have the same rights, they would be empowered to change the society they live in, have a right of education .
I have the highest respect for women of the Third World who work hard, raise their children, have none or little access to education, barely medical help.

" When you give a girl the gift of education, she educates an entire community."
Dunya Maumoon

Pictures were taken in Kenya, Madagascar and India.

Our World Tuesday
Our World Tuesday Graphic


  1. Lovely shots. It would be wonderful not to need a day for women... a day when we have true equal rights!

  2. You have such a talent for portraiture. Delightful photos.

  3. wonderful pictures of proud mothers caring for their child.

  4. Couldn't agree more! Wonderful images!

  5. Beautiful words and pictures. May we keep fighting for true equality.

  6. Beautiful post and photos - I totally agree!
    Wren x

  7. Lovely post and I hope for a day soon where men and women are equal.
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  8. Wonderful post. My sentiments exactly.

  9. Wonderful post. My sentiments exactly.