Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Midweek Portrait " Water 1"

A broken water pipe can cause so much fun!

At first I did not notice the third young man who was having a bath where the water came rushing out...

I took these pictures at the beach not far from one of the poshest hotels in Mumbai.Nearby where some shacks were these youngsters were living with their families. I enjoyed observing them and their moments of carefreeness.


  1. India is still missing on my list of countries I've been. But in July I'm going to pick up six Indian colleagues at the airport of Milano and will drive to our Italian company in the vicinity of Bergamo for a training.
    Although I know a lot of my Indian colleagues from former trainings, they still will confuse me with their body language... --> e.g. head-shaking when agreeing. :-)

    Great street shots, Karen.

    Have sunshine in your heart!

  2. Such fun shots!

  3. Wonderful glimpse into their life! Great captures!

  4. Stolen shots tell a lot of things about how the surroundings truly are. Great shots.