Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mumbai Impressions

Shopping in Mumbai is amazing. Young designers combine the best from the East and West and the results are stunning...the prices unfortunately as well!

A painted wall inspires me to try the same at home.

Embroidered by hand.The craftsmanship is exquisite.

A colourful chair  ( unfortunately they don`t just sell the fabric). Maybe I should open a branch of this shop in Europe?

Colours of India. Pink is considered the Navy Blue of India.


  1. Unglaublich schön! Und der Laden ist eine ausgezeichnete Idee!

  2. Some of those fabric designs are beautiful.

  3. What a heavenly shop. The painted wall is out of this world, and the flower arrangement beautiful. Were you able to leave without buying anything? genie

  4. I have to admit that (despite enormous willpower!) I was not able to leave without buying something ....and I even returned!

  5. That wall would inspire me too! I want to see pictures of what you brought home! :)

  6. Will make a photo of what I bought once I have unpacked!! But it was an incredible wonderful shop!