Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Au plaisier des mets" World on Tuesday

 Hidden away in a small side street in the sleepy town of Thouars / France a delightful little coffee place.

 The charming owner who let us take photos in her cafe and in her adjoining little shop.

 Pure delight!

 Beautifully set up...with an eye for details.



  1. There's major envy with you two finding all these fabulous places! Enjoy every minute and keep sharing these little treasures!

  2. The colors, the colors.....I want to be THERE!

  3. That looks refreshing, can I join and pick up my favorite flavor?

  4. Lucky girl! That's what I like to do as well in my leisure time...
    ...strolling through some small and/or interesting places, trying to find some little gems far away off the beaten track...
    ...and enjoying a good cup of coffee and a unique atmosphere at some hidden places!
    And - of course - capturing this special atmosphere with the camera!
    Thanks for sharing your impressions from France, Karen!
    Dir noch eine gute Zeit, Uwe.