Monday, October 14, 2013

Blue Monday

A small blue house down at the Lake Geneva.

The color puts you in a good mood , especially on a grey day.

For more photos, click here:
Smiing Sally


  1. I need BLUE here in Virginia. It's been raining since my thanks for sharing your part of the world this morning!

  2. That's an intense shade of blue. I like it!

    I like knowing that we both have the same countertop! Thanks for playing.

    Happy Blue Monday,

  3. Love it when I see walls with a bright or dark blue!

  4. here from Blue Mon. I love all the colorful homes all over Europe!!

  5. What a fun color for a building, makes me smile. I agree blue = a good mood. What a fun find Chai.

  6. Thanks for the reminder to take care of myself :) I'm doing my best to do so and part of it is doing what I love to do, blog-hopping! I'm visiting a bit late for Blue Monday but I think it's nice cause it's cool to see 'blue' in the middle of the week when the grind is getting harder... blue does help set a good mood ;-)