Thursday, November 14, 2013

Best Iranian Cafe in Town

The bad news of today - my wonderful camera stopped working! But I met many nice people in the process of finding a Canon Service Center and they will try to have it repaired in ....10 days! That bit of information did nothing to cheer me up especially since I decided to travel light and not to take any other of my cameras! Lesson learned : Never leave house without a second or third camera.
But my good friend lend me her tiny but handy not all is lost!
To brighten our day we went to the best little coffeeplace in town.A small Iranian Cafe established in 1932 , nothing really has changed since... Not even the owners!




  1. Oh no!!! Thank goodness for your friend's camera! I love the small businesses where the owners have been there for a ton of years! Looking forward to more and hope your camera will be reunited soon!!

  2. Blogging on an iPad, camera not working & 10 days to repair - yep sounds like the India I know and love. Luckily you are not me as I'd have added a strong dose of Delhi Belly to list of woes! Thank goodness you still have your sense of humour and this place is still awesome - well I know how you love your coffee!!!
    Wren x