Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our World Tuesday

Some not so pretty facts about Mumbai : More than half of Mumbais 13 million people live in slums …or if they are not that "lucky" on the streets.

90% of workers in the city are informal  ( rag- picking, fruit hawking etc). All these people have no job security, benefits or pension plans.
(Christine McLaren)

50% of India`s population have  no access to toilets. In Mumbai the public toilet blocks in the slums are in poor conditions or non - existent forcing people to urinate etc in the open. Humiliating and dangerous  especially for women who try to do their day-to-day needs in the early morning hours when they have the chance to be undisturbed.

Our World Tuesday Graphic
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  1. It makes me so angry to see people living like this when there is more than enough to go round!

  2. Hi Karen, nice finding your blog. Your images are pretty powerful. Ive been to India but not in Mumbai and as much as I loved the country I felt sad about the people's living condition. It's so ironic that the government has a space program but not sanitation program and economic program to uplift its wonderful people.

  3. powerful posting indeed. It takes postings like this to share with the world for awareness and to make us appreciate everything we have.

  4. These shots and statistics certainly give me pause, thank you for sharing them.…helps remind me to be grateful for all the small and big conveniences of everyday that I simply take for granted.

  5. Ich dachte, ich hätte keinen so guten Tag heute gehabt ... Dein Post rückt das doch gleich wieder ganz deutlich zurecht ... wie leicht man vergisst, dankbar zu sein für das, was man hat.

  6. Great work, not easy to see, but absolutely necessary to show the stupidity and blindness of politics! Congratulations