Thursday, February 27, 2014

First stop : Mandalay

The Mahamuni Temple is an  important pilgrimage site. The Buddha weighs 9 (!) tons and every gram is pure gold. His body seems disfigured due to the fact that believers apply small sheets of gold to the statue - only the face remains untouched.
Women are not allowed on the pedestal where the Buddha is sitting…their presence might disturb the chanting and worshipping. They can only view from below.

A small lane leads up towards the pagoda lined with vendors selling religious goods and all the things you never intended to buy!

Tiles made out of jade!

A cool place to linger…

A great place to start our trip!


  1. Wonderful! We need to return with the intention of just filling up some suitcases with all those fabulous Buddhas!! I could ramble around in those vendor stalls for days, ha! Can't wait to see more. So fun now to see this whole trip through your eyes!

  2. Wonderful photos of a fascinating place!

  3. Wonderful impressions you don't see every now and then, Karen!
    Enjoy your weekend at Myanmar, if something like a weekend feeling will come up at a place like this.