Monday, February 10, 2014

Only a week….

I have been to India for a week only. A week filled with so many diverse experiences that I will need four weeks to digest it all. So many impressions…

The beauty and tranquility of the backwaters in Cochin/Kerala.

Watching how coconut fibers are being made into ropes.

We managed to go to the movies for the first time!

We were extremely bewildered by the situation in a crèche where children have nothing 
more than seven (7) ! balls to play! most of them will spend 12 hours in the institution 
while their mothers work in the cotton mills.
This is the place we are going to support...

More pictures from around the world:


  1. Beautiful...and I can soooo see why you would want to support this organization! You will be on such overload with this trip and Myanmar. CAN NOT wait to hear about and see your impressions! That last photo has so much feeling. LOVE! Can't wait to connect. Be safe!!

  2. Ohjeh, klingt nicht so, als wäre es schwer gewesen, eine Wahl zu treffen. Trotzdem wunderschöne Bilder - und dank Euch beim nächsten Mal dann mit lachenden Gesichtern und mehr Spielzeug.

  3. So viele Eindrücke, die du hier zeigst! Das zweite Foto gefällt mir besonders gut! Das letzte Foto berührt einen, auch wenn man den Hintergrund dazu nicht weiß!
    LG Mary

  4. You have made this country a bit richer with your presence!!