Sunday, April 27, 2014

" Will dir den Frühling zeigen…"

Will dir den Frühling zeigen ,
der hundert Wunder hat.
Der Frühling ist waldeigen
und kommt nicht in die Stadt.

Want to show you spring
that has a hundred wonders.
Spring belongs solely to the forest
and does not come to the city.
(my translation of the original German poem)

 I spent the last two weeks in the French countryside and one of the greatest pleasures is going on long walks . Nature at its best, with small winding creeks, wild flowers and the first green of spring.


  1. wonderful!!! The best therapy EVER just to get out...long walks...and then in the countryside of FRANCE! Enjoy every second!

  2. Great captures. Yes, nature is so beautiful now!

  3. Beautiful sight of the flowers amongst the greenery. I'm glad you took your camera along on your walk.

  4. Your countryside walks sound absolutely magical! Nature at it's best, indeed.
    Waiting for a hint of green here.