Monday, January 11, 2016

A year ago...

We started the last year with a visit to Myanmar, a magical place which after long years of military government ( ended in 2011) is more and more accessible for tourists. 
After Yangoon we went to Bagan with its beautiful temples and pagodas. But first I went to explore the local markets.

The market was one of the few places where there were more locals than tourists.
I love the smell of the spices, the freshness and colours of the vegetables and fruits. The fast food noodles were delicious but we politely abstained from drinking out of the public water pots.


  1. Es sind immer wieder die Farben, die mir auffallen. Selbst ein Markt ist so viel bunter als hier in Deutschland. Gut, dass du das heimische Wasser gemieden hast!
    Liebe Grüße ... Frauke

  2. I so enjoyed Bagan and you captured the markets superbly! LOL...wouldn't catch me either drinking out of those water pots...but I loved how different many were throughout the area! And a wonderful idea to help those in need of a drink of water!

  3. We will be there in a month - It's great to see your photos, so much better than me trawling through the travel books! Thank you!
    Wren x