Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Weekend in Black and White

The Acacia Tree and the Giraffe

Giraffes are very fond of the acacia leaves and can eat as much as 25 kilograms a day.
But the tree has a defence system, mighty thorns. They can be as long as 8-10 cm.

The giraffe on the other hand has an incredible tongue which measures 45 cm in length.
That allows the giraffe to avoid the bigger thorns and to manage to reach the leaves on the branch.

We disturbed her during her lunch ..

Tansania / Africa

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  1. Wonderful shots in B&W! I really like the first photo,- it almost looks like a painting!

  2. Two excellent photos. I love the almost abstract patterns of the first, and the giraffe's expression in the second is priceless!

  3. Those trees are incredibly beautiful.

  4. Those trees are incredibly beautiful.

  5. Unglaublich, was für eine Menge an Essen für einen Tag!
    Aber Giraffen sind ja auch nicht gerade klein ...
    Tolle Perspektiven!

  6. Wundervolle und sehr fernwehfördernde Afrikaimpressionen! Meisterliche SW Bilder.

    Ganz liebe Grüße und einen schönen Valentine's Day für dich.

  7. What a beauty! I love the trees too.