Relief project in India

We believe books are the first step to acquire knowledge. Reading opens up new horizons and fires up the imagination.With that in mind we founded  "Book Bugs". The aim is to encourage and improve a reading culture, especially among girls.

We arrived in Bangalore with 2 heavy suitcases filled with books which we collected with the help of our children and at various booksales.That amounted to the impressive number of 180 books.

Why books? For most of the people in India books are a luxury and in comparison quite expensive.The monthly starting salary of a primary teacher is 20 000 rupees (that is 372 US Dollars or 290 Euros). The latest book by J.K.Rowling costs 800 rupees.
Classrooms are extremely crowded and work in shifts, reception class from the early morning until 11am etc.

We find that books are a direct benefit for the children as they now will be able to take books home to read and exchange them for new ones. For that purpose we had bags printed with the "Book Bug" logo which seemed to please the children very much.

With this in mind we already started to collect more books to bring to India and maybe start another library at another school in India.
Besides of collecting books for the school's library, I'll start with an etsy shop in 2013 to sell some of the photos I took while travelling in India. Part of the money will go into scholarships for girls .


  1. What a wonderful project! Thanks for visiting my Mama's photo blog: Me-Ommmmm

  2. Hi Karen,

    I'm happy to discover your blog. Two thumbs up for the relief project in India. I'm from a poor family in one of the islands in Mindoro. Believing that books will change my life, I read almost every book I got my hands into while in grade school. Extensive reading is truly a strong foundation of learning, dreaming, and aiming higher in life. I'm happy to share that reading inspired me and empowered me to do more despite our family condition in the province. Now I have earned my masters and have presented my thesis in an international conference in my profession.

    I've got many books that I no longer read. If only I got extra money, I'd be happy to send them to you for your book drive. (But I don't right now, too bad.) I'm gonna be visiting your page and will keep myself posted with your relief project in India.

    Bless you and your colleagues' good hearts. More power!

    Your newest follower,

  3. This a few times I come to your blog to see your participations on the weekend reflections contest, hosted by James, but it is the first time I actually take the time to click on the icon on your scrolling bar. and with this relief project I'm not disappointed.

    I have the same believes than you : books are the first step for anything, and I find what you do on this project very fullfilling. I'm impressed. I hope this will make a difference, even if it is a tiny one : littles creeks turn into big rivers as we say in French.

    I glad to have learnt a little more about your soul today.

    Thanks for this inspiring sharing.