Tuesday, October 16, 2012

India-Trip Recap.

Two weeks and 1'581 km traveling in India. Starting in Bangalore  and heading North to Hampi where we have been 2 years ago. A World Heritage Site with numerous temples.

We have been to Hampi 2 years ago but the temples and its surrounding landscape with enormous boulders takes your breath away.And I can try out my new fish-eye lens.

Despite its temple's unique beauty there are not a lot of tourists around.Is it because of the heat.. distance.. or maybe because the government decided to chase away the local vendors who provided the believers with offerings to the temple.

Hampi street scene 2 years ago....

And now...Illegally built houses which were erected many years ago were destroyed to give Hampi's main road back its historic face.

Without consideration for the people.

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