Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Out and About in Berlin- Teenager Edition

Today it will not be Karen posting photos and stories but me, Celia, her 15 year old daughter. She invited me to use her blog as a way for me to post all my photos from Berlin. She also thought it would be interesting to see Berlin from a different point of view, so here I am- Enjoy!

     I loved the contrast of colour between the bleak, grey wall and the vibrant salmon coloured stool.

  Berlin is, of course, also very well known for its great choice of small shops and boutiques

                            Some very wise graffiti...

An artist seems to have taken it upon himself to make this piece of the Berlin Wall as colourful as possible!

   A very interesting window display, with some very interesting earrings!

                            Again, very touching graffiti. Is this what society is doing to us?

                            Berlin at night- a beautiful sight to end a perfect day!


  1. I love your perspective, Celia. My favorite of these is the stool. The color really pops against the drab background.

  2. Thank you very much! Yes, it seems to brighten up the whole photo!

  3. ja, der Stuhl ist wunderbar, aber auch das n├Ąchtliche Foto ... gerne mehr bitte!