Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Midweek portrait gallery

A market stall in Mysore / India with beautifully assembled onions and potatoes. We were wondering if he is doing this every morning or if he leaves them overnight? But they all look nice and fresh ,meaning that he is not just replacing the top layer...And it was extremely hot on the market as it is an enclosed area ( no air -condition ). 

Women from the countryside come to the city every day with their goods hoping for a good sale.
I love going to the local markets wherever in the world.

Waiting for customers.


  1. Oh, local markets are my favorite too! I seek them out everywhere I go. Perhaps the reason for my love...starting at age 5 I accompanied my dad every day except Sunday to our market to sell our produce from the farm. I guess this will follow me through the rest of my life, ha! Wonderful captures!

  2. The piles of produce in that first picture must take ages to arrange and pile so they don't all go tumbling! I'm impressed. I followed on google, but I never really read that way. If you had the follow by e-mail widget on the sidebar, I'd never miss a post!