Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Midweek Portrait Gallery

A very young girl on the day of her wedding. The designs on her hands and arms are called Mehndi.The night before the wedding friend and family gather to apply the mostly floral designs and to give advice on married life!

I have read that the name of the future husband is hidden somewhere on the right palm of the bride, and before he is allowed to sleep on his wedding night he needs to find it.

A helping hand from the photographers assistant.

I wish her a happy and good life!


  1. Great set of pictures!

    When I did some back-backing I had a daily ration of slides!! Counting the money and counting the exposures!


    Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. How fascinating! And how beautiful she is...wonderful captures!

  3. What a beautiful bride. One assumes an arranged marriage.

  4. Yes I am afraid it was an arranged marriage.It was in a small village and I don't think that they have the freedom to choose their partners. I only hope that she will be happy! She is so young ....

  5. Trotzdem, sehr schön, auch die Geschichte mit dem Namen ...