Friday, June 7, 2013

Alexanderturm and the "Pope`s Revenge"

I spent a couple of days in Berlin and having passed the Alexanderturm many many times I never actually took any images.
It is a TV tower and was constructed in the sixties by the German Democratic Republic.I have been told that is the highest structure in Germany  ( 368 m) and it is easily visible from almost everywhere in Berlin.
the church in front is the St Mary`s church.

There is a funny story called "The Pope`s Revenge", when the sun shines on the steel dome the reflection resamples a cross...which under the former GDR government was not the desired effect.Berliners with their unique sense of humor called it immediately "The Pope`s Revenge".

View from the train station and a clearly visible cross!


  1. That last photo is fabulous! What an interesting story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yeah, last year we were at Berlin, too, and saw the cross in the mirrowed sphere of the "Alex" as well. :-)
    Have a great and sunny weekend, dear Karen.


  3. Schöne Geschichte, tolle Fotos. Und mal mit blauem Himmel!