Monday, June 10, 2013

Macro Monday

Raindrops on an Iris blossom.Beautiful delicate flowers which after the heavy rain are struggling to keep their head upright.

Nature is the best artist!

When I took the picture I completely overlooked the little insect.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! The water drops give a sense of freshness to the flower.

  2. That beautiful delicate flowers with water droplets ..., precious pictures!

  3. Makes me think of a bridal dress with perls !

  4. The close-up lens seems to be the most important item for an ambitious photographer in springtime, isn't it? :-)

    Great shots of the white iris blossoms, Karen!

    Have a great Tuesday!

    By the way: Although having a short period of flood waters in our small valley, it wasn't a desaster like we have at the rivers of Elbe, Danube or any other flood-impacted ares in the south and east of Germany.

    Last week we had sunshine and great weather!


  5. Love the depth in that last one!