Monday, March 10, 2014

Macro Monday

A wooden peg used to join pieces of wood , it is both simple and strong.

Wonderful old wood …perfect with little imperfection and the signs of old age.

A beautiful halt-timbered house in Stein am Rhein / Switzerland.

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  1. These are wonderful. I am told that we will be staying in an old house when we go up in the mountains ... I just drool when I see this kind of workmanship and beauty. Thank you for sharing ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Delightful captures! We have the same houses here.

  3. Beautiful textural details Karen!

  4. Interesting perspective on macro pix. You have an interesting blog. I found similar pegs in an old barn here.

  5. So wie es aussieht, bist du wieder zurück in der Heimat, Karen!
    Stein am Rhein ist doch nich ganz so farbenfroh wie Myanmar - und es fehlen die Buddhas!? Oder hast du erst einmal genug davon gesehen für den Rest deines Lebens??? ;-)
    Gruß, Uwe.

  6. Some very creative photographs from such an apparently simple subject.

  7. This kind of construction amazes & fascinates me!
    My husband, the carpenter, would love to build a structure from top to bottom in the "old style"
    They say our timber is not as strong & of the structural integrity that it was back then, the new lumber is grown so fast.

  8. love! Looks exactly like the place I was married in Switzerland!