Friday, October 10, 2014

The Bead Ladies

While in Africa we visited a project which helps women to earn some money of their own which helps to pay towards the education of their children.The manager of the lodge where we were staying hands out designs which the women turn into the most adorable bead bags. Antonia pays them a fair amount and sells the bags to nearby lodges, London/UK  and Aspen (!) USA.

 Some of the women walk for two hours to come here to work, chat and have company.

 A small collection of finished bags.

My choice...

...and my friend's choice.

They love what they are doing.

And it provides them with the knowledge that they can send their children to school.



  1. Wow...I've been drooling over the Tassia Lodge's website. wow, wow, wow! We must see more of this incredible place!! Fabulous photos...I especially love the last one...and your new purchase of course. This is very similar to what my friend Heather is doing in Morocco with the women. Great stuff!!!

  2. Great choice! They do beautiful work and I always enjoy your photos!

  3. Diese Perlentaschen sehen wundervoll aus! Ein wunderbares Projekt und wunderbar sind auch deine Fotos! Danke auch für diesen interessanten Post!

  4. These bags are so pretty... I'm eyeing the grey with white/orange detail :) Went to the site but I don't see any links for the bags. By the way, love your choice!

  5. Wonderful idea and work, love these bags, so glad they have found a market for them that enables them to pay for their kids education.
    Wren x