Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weekend treat

Tarte Tatin - a french classic ! All you need are apples ( around 5 of them) peeled , cored and cut in slices.

Use a heavy duty pan, wrap the handle with tin foil ( if you don`t have a pan with a removable handle).
Sprinkle the bottom generously with brown sugar, cinnamon and butter , here more is better than less!

Layer the sliced apples on top.

Using a ready made puff pastry to cover the apples, make a little hole in the center for the heat to escape. Put it in the oven (180-200C) until the pastry turns golden brown. Remove it from the oven and put it immediately onto the hot stove for the liquid to evaporate and the sugar to caramelize. Lift the corner of the pastry with a fork to check.
Cover with a big enough plate and turn the pan upside down so that the tarte lands on the plate.

Delicious with ice cream!


  1. Oh you are teasing me with your adorable little bowl! This looks Amazing!!!! And that ice cream? So dense and rich looking. Yummers!