Wednesday, December 4, 2013

52 Photos Project

Polka dots…mhhhh. Love them and looking at this weeks challenge I started to wonder where the name came from. This is what I found out : In 1830-1835 a new dance called "polka" was introduced first to Europe and later to the United States. The word "polka" is a Bohemian word and means…a Polish woman.

But the dots in polka? Polka clubs shot up like mushrooms and the members were so proud that they wanted their own uniform .Women chose a fitted jacket with a pattern of evenly spaced dots…
I learned a lot today thanks to Bella and History spaces…

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  1. Wusste ich nicht ... super! Und ein tolles Foto noch dazu.

  2. Love the history lesson. Thanks!!!

  3. Thanks for the lesson! Never even thought about the history!