Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our World Tuesday

We woke early to see the sun rising over the river Narmada.When we walked to the ghats  ( steps leading down to a (holy) river) we were welcomed by the chatter and laughter of the local women who come here for their daily rituals, bath and to wash their clothes.

Washing clothes is hard work for most of the women in India and involves a lot of banging and rinsing and rubbing. I will never ever complain again about too much washing…

The bat is is being used for the vigorous beating of the dirty laundry…

Finally spread out for drying…

Or holding it until the job is done…

Our World Tuesday Graphic
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  1. What lovely shots - especially the first two.

  2. They are beautiful shots. the colours and the lighting just perfect. I don't give any thought to washing as I throw the clothes into a machine.

  3. Very beautiful and colourful! These photos are real art. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Interesting to read, and the colors are glorious.

  5. Beautiful photos! Love all those colours! Great!

  6. This makes me so thankful for a washing machine (considering how much laundry I do with two young boys!)… I admire these hard-working women. Love how the colors pop against the browns…

  7. So schön, Karen. Und das mit der kleinen Kamera? Wie profan und farblos sind dagegen unsere Morgenrituale ---

  8. Hi Karen
    I reckon you could win an award with several of these photos, I especially like the second photo and the wonderful one of the sari's drying. Wonderful, and as you say makes wash day seem a breeze here!
    Wren x