Wednesday, March 5, 2014

No more Buddhas…..

…..but a wedding!

A friend of our guide got married and that is how we ended up as guests of honour
at a traditional wedding in Mandalay. 
the bride wears a " htain - me- thein" a hip-length jacket which makes her look like a princess .
The bridegroom wears a silk longyi and a head - dress called "gaung-baung.
He is still beaming despite the fact that the groom`s family has to pay for the wedding, quite a costly 
affair considering the fact that sometimes 700 or more people will show up.
We  were treated to a lot of ice cream, biscuits ( both delicious!) and tea ( not so delicious).
After many pictures were taken with aunts ,uncles, friends, parents etc. we left 
well fed and happy.


  1. Lucky you to attend the wedding. Mazal tov to the happy couple.

  2. wirklich, was für ein Glück so etwas hautnah ( grins NUR 700 ;-)) Gäste) ... miterleben zu dürfen.

  3. Tolle Fotos - und was für ein Erlebnis!