Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our World Tuesday

More pictures of Beelitz

The former sports hall.

Some traces of former occupants. Erich Honecker , last head of state of the former GDR, 
was the last prominent patient in the former biggest Soviet military hospital.

Some spooky corners. The place has been vandalised after it was abandoned , whatever people could take they took!

Traces of former glory.

When Beelitz was built in 1898  it was among the most modern and technically advanced hospitals in the world . Tuberculosis was a widespread disease with a fatal outcome in many cases.
It is possible to visit the ruins , even guided tours are now being offered. Many people just trespass which might end with a fall through some rotten floors!


  1. Klasse, ich freu mich ├╝ber jedes Bild, das Du zeigst!

  2. Very spooky indeed. You were brave to wander around there. Thanks for getting these photos.
    What a history. And you are helping to raise awareness.

    Jerusalem has a somewhat similar story: Hansen's Hospital, built in 1887, treated and housed lepers. It was built and run by German Protestants until about 1950 when the Moravian Church sold it to Israel.
    "Following a government decision in May 2009, the Hansen Hospital compound - designated for preservation - was transferred to the Jerusalem Municipality Culture and Art activities in November of 2011." This is good news because for several years no one wanted to touch the building or go in (you know, leprosy has a bad name). But then a brave photographer got permission to go around and record the poignant scenes inside. He made an exhibition, got the TV news to come and film, and raised public awareness of this treasure.
    We hope money will be found for complete preservation of the building and grounds.

    I was there back in 2009 but was not allowed in. You can see exterior pictures at

  3. I can just imagine that gorgeous entrance in its glory days... must have been breathtaking. Wonderful how the blue ceiling paint looks intact.

  4. Spooky and yet so lovely!

  5. Oh my....more incredible captures of this intriguing place! The sixth photo (next to the last) is my absolute favorite. So much feeling - so much emotion there. Fantastic!

  6. Haunting and poignant. And it looks as if much of it could be gone soon. Wonderful photos.

  7. Those pictures really capture both the demise of the building and the history within. "Spooky" is a good word for the atmosphere you showed us.

  8. Great set of pictures - and the same can be said for the post before.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. Such an interesting place. I'm captivated by these kinds of places that border between grandness & rubble.
    (So glad my blogger reading list feed is working again! I'm doing much catching up.) :)

  10. loved the sports hall and the staircase.