Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday walk

Two weeks ago our new puppy became the youngest member of the family and today we took Lotte on her first outdoor adventure!

Why are the flowers taller than me?

Outdoor bath tub? Not for me!

View? What view?

I want to go

I need a nap -too much excitement for one day. Good that my older sister is around.


  1. Das sieht wirklich nach einem Abenteuer aus - und zwar nach einem wunderbaren. Gratulation zum neuen Familienmitglied - und zu ganz besonders tollen Fotos!

  2. Oh my, the view of the old bathtub is breathtaking! Lotte sure has one gorgeous playground. Welcome to your family's newest addition Karen :)

  3. is so cute! Like Catherine...I LOVE that photo of the old bathtub with that view! Where is this??

  4. Looks like Lotte is going to have a lot of fun living with you. Looking at your photos, I felt like I was walking along. I probably would've want to sit in the bathtub. :-)

  5. Oh how adorable, I bet this is the first of many adventures with Lotte :)
    We often see farmers around the place using old bathtubs as drinking stations for their livestock, it is stunning countryside!
    Wren x

  6. Das ist ja eine Süße!
    Wohnt ihr so malerisch? Oder ist das noch in Frankreich?

    P. S.: Alte Türen & Tore haben echt was, die könnte ich mir auch stundenlang angucken

  7. Welcome to this little beauty! Your pics seem to really put into images what goes on in Lotte's mind, the final result is really funny :-) Enjoy your new member of the family!